The Good Ship Albatross, salvaged after the prior crew disappeared on an archaeological survey on Etamis. It needs some work, but what ship doesn't?


Albatross.jpg The Albatross is an older Selta-Class light freighter, lightly armed, sleek, but in need of some care, attention, and probably a refit.

The previous owners disappeared on an archaeological and artifact survey in a sub-surface ruin near one of the crater lakes of Etamis. Non-functional at the time, the local port authority sold it for a song to the newly formed group of frontier adventurers, who, thanks to the skills of Ari’Adas and Nero quickly got the old ship flight- and space-capable again.

The Albatross’ medical bay is staffed by Kark, a krogan medical VI. Nero disabled Kark’s ability to actually operate any of the medical equipment upon finding the VI installed, but hasn’t deleted the program. No one is quite sure who thought it’d be “funny” to install a krogan-modeled VI in a Salarian ship, but everyone is sure they don’t trust it.

The Albatross

Silhouette: 4 Speed: 3 Handling: -1
Forward Shield Defense: 1 Aft Shield Defense: 1 Armor: 3
Hull Threshold: 22 System Strain: 15 Unused Hard Points: 6
Primary FTL Rating: 4 (3.75 ly/day) Backup FTL Rating: 12 (1.25 ly/day)
Sensor Suite: Short Range Standard Quality Cargo Capacity: 165 30 used by Vehicle Bay
Navcomp: Yes Standard Quality Consumables: 2 month Fuel Capacity: 1 month
Minimum Crew: 2 Maximum Crew: 8
Weapons Complement
Weapon Mount Type Arc Range Damage Crit Qualities
Dorsal Medium Accelerator Cannon Dorsal Turret All Close 6 3 None
Ventral Medium Accelerator Cannon Ventral Turret All Close 6 3 None


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