Bassal Kurl


Bassal Kurl is a capable and connected bounty hunter, brutal, cruel, and amoral. Batarian01.jpg

Kurl is a freelance mercenary, trader, and bounty hunter, specializing in making problems (also knowns as people) disappear. While on the hunt, Kurl tends to operate as a trader, bringing useful goods to whatever station or planet his prey is on. While some targets are killed, Kurl prefers to incapacitate targets, and find a buyer if the bounty doesn’t already want them alive. While some species are harder to keep than others, everyone is a potential slave for someone in Bassal’s book. Bassal has built an extensive web of contacts over the years, and between his eye for flesh and underworld contacts in most known syndicates, rarely finds himself without a venue to make his sale.

Bassal Kurl makes no bones about his skills and outlook in the right company, and respects skilled opponents, but knows how to stay out of sight of law enforcement, and always has multiple escape plans when making a hit in Citadel, Alliance, or even Hegemony Space.


Alive Again

Bassal Kurl

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