Blazemaster All-Terrain Cargo/Personnel Vehicle

An all-terrain, light cargo and personnel carrier common in frontier regions, one of which sits in the cargo and vehicle bay of the good ship Albatross.


Blazer.jpg A functional, no-nonsense cargo and personnel carrier with an environment seal between crew cabin and cargo hold.

The Groundwerks Ltd. Blazemaster has light armor, and comes equipped with a retractable pintle-mount for adapted heavy or anti-personnel gunnery weapons for defense in hostile territory. The Albatross’ Blazemaster came with a Light Accelerator Cannon already installed.

Silhouette: 3 Speed: 2 Handling: -1
Forward Shield Defense: 0 Aft Shield Defense: 0 Armor: 1
Hull Threshold: 8 System Strain: 4 Unused Hard Points: 3
Sensor Suite: None - Cargo Capacity: 100 (with no passengers)
Navcomp: None - Consumables: Fuel Capacity: 1000 miles
Minimum Crew: 2 Maximum Crew: 10
Weapons Complement
Weapon Mount Type Arc Range Damage Crit Enc Hard Points Qualities
Light Accelerator Cannon Dorsal Pop-up Pintle-mount All Long 13 3 7 3 Auto-fire, Pintle-Mount, Cumbersome 4, Pierce 1

Blazemaster All-Terrain Cargo/Personnel Vehicle

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