Broolta Korv

Last of Clan Broolta, Korv is a relentless agent of the Underwriters Guild.



Out of his armor, Broolta Korv is a terrifying sight to behold, with excessive cybernetic enhancements, and a soulless gaze which can even drain the blood rage from a fellow krogan. When acting as an agent for Quoth or the Underwriters at large, Korv tends to remain in his armor, keeping the fear he inspires to a minimum. And most of the places Korv visits find the wearing of combat armor in public perfectly acceptable, or are places where the guards are dead before they can object.

While Korv heads up one of the Underwriters “Repossession Squads”, many have come to understand that he is Quoth’s Right Hand. Whatever deal or arrangement the two have is not known, but no offers have so far enticed either to betray the other.

Korv’s preferred weapon is a heavily modified Claymore Shotgun which even unmodified Krogan would find difficult and painful to wield. When the Last of Clan Broolta draws his Claymore, nothing that has opposed him has survived. Amongst the underworld, the method of surviving a hostile encounter with Broolta Korv is summed up in one word, “Run.”


Last Man Standing

Broolta Korv

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