Chen Won

The elected constable for Cardinia Colony, Chen keeps the peace with his deputized militia.


Chen is a former Private Security Specialist who got out of the business before it killed him. With a skills in forensics, a hobbyist’s interest in archeology, and a desire to get out of the sectors of space where he’d worked officially, Chen jumped at the chance to bodyguard researchers looking for protection for a long term excursion to a deserted world.

His nature, however, never left him, and after breaking up a fair number of fights, and helping stop a group of drug smuggling miners before they could bring too much Terminus Pirate interest to Etamis, Cardinia’s populace awarded him the title of Constable, and gave him leadership of the local militia. While not the job he wanted, he is good at it, there are few incidents, and he’s surrounded by academics that he can engage in discourse over his interests.

Chen is one of the residents of Cardinia who has regular contact with the other wildcat settlements on Etamis, primarily warnings of troublemaking spacers and shifty merchants.


New Beginnings
Law and Order Theme

Chen Won

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