Warbling Elcor intelligence office director, with a penchant for cigars.


A methodical analyst and handler of the Elcor Bureau of External Intelligence, Mrando keeps tabs on and offers nudges and discrete suggestions of direction to the rather unconservative agents under his purview.

Mrando has, with the advent of Humanity, joined the ranks of the Elcor who have gained a near addiction to human cigars. Not only has this increased his understanding of the riskier yet pleasurable pursuits of other races, allowing him to adapt how he deploys his operatives, but has also given him a wheezy warble to his normally monotone speaking voice.

Mrando prefers short audio mails to his agents bundled with a file self delete feature after being played. Most of his colleagues find this to be somewhere between wasteful and melodramatic, but Mrando seems to gain a sense of self-satisfaction from it in playing his desk side part of the intelligence game.


Mission Impossible Theme


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