Head of "The Underwriters Guild", a syndicate based in the Nemean Abyss.


Quoth.jpg Quoth, real name unknown, is a feared criminal leader. His frail body and sickly complexion hide a keen mind, and sadistic streak which have left his rivals humbled, dead, or missing.

Roughly 20 years ago, an energetic and enterprising young criminal brought an array of contacts and data to the Underwriters Guild to buy his way into the syndicate. Lost in the shuffle of agents and pawns, Quoth was not particularly visible amidst the machinations of the lower echelons.

But upsets in the hierarchy began occurring, factors dying or going missing, being lost in law enforcement stings, and movement within the organization accelerated for many members. Two years later, Quoth was elevated by a vote of peers to handle “Past Due Accounts” in the chemical trafficking arm of the Guild due to many quiet successes that had come to light, including linking several Guild members as C-Sec informants.

Quoth’s continued rise was breakneck, and several Guild Members certainly tried to break his neck, as he wormed his way past long standing members who suddenly found themselves without allies, or with their operations crumbling under pressure from rival syndicates and legal authorities.

But it was never Quoth’s doing. And Quoth’s operations had setbacks as well, but Quoth’s failed endeavors often left him with opportunities ready to capitalize elsewhere.

In only 6 years, he had climbed farther and faster than anyone in living memory, and was elevated to the Board of Directors.

Three months later, every Director was dead, imprisoned, or missing, including the Chairman. Quoth alone survived 4 assassination attempts, but was confined to a wheelchair due to injuries. There were no doubts that Quoth had been behind it. There was no proof that Quoth was behind it. And when Quoth declared himself Chairman, no one challenged him.

Quoth has led the syndicate since then with able direction, cutting losses when appropriate, enabling legal, legitimate business, and serving the darker needs of galactic society at the same time.

When Quoth calls in a favor, people say “yes”. When Quoth smiles, people run.


Something Beautiful to Say
Don’t Get In My Way


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