Russel Solkurt

Former Alliance Enhanced Assault Marine, Russel is a professional wanderer and security consultant on the edges of Citadel and Alliance Space.


Rsolkurt.jpg Owner and Captain of the Clever Hans, Russell Solkurt is a retired Alliance marine who spends his days as a free trader, passenger hauler, and Citadel licensed bounty hunter across Alliance Space and the Attican Traverse.

His rugged face and heavy cybernetics are well known among Alliance military, paramilitary, and police forces for his endorsements of the Solkurt Enhancement Conversion, a pre-packaged suite of cybernetic upgrades designed to enhance strength, durability, and combat survivability. The SEC is a modernized cybernetic implant system based on Solkurt’s old-tech designs and meant to be an acceptable compromise between mechanical/digital enhancements, and retention of human appearance and perception.


Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Russel Solkurt

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