The Cat

A "murder is business" Asari with a tattoo of a gaping maw across the lower half of her face.


The Cat, as she is known in most underworld circles, is a competent, if strangely flashy, freelance syndicate assassin. She belongs to no single syndicate, but rather offers her services as an impartial “third-party” “cleaner”. Normally only contacted by digital courier, Cat maintains no explicitly known office, redoubt or physical contact location, though she is most frequently spotted on Omega when on a job, since most Terminus System underworld business passes through Aria’s station at some point, and it becomes a convenient location to hunt her prey. Of note, Cat has a firm “No Leaders” rule, taking no hits against any syndicate leaders to make sure they can all trust her to clean up accidents and messes for them, without any of them worrying about another boss using her to get close to a rival.

While her attire changes to suit her whims, it usually involves partial combat armor pieces and skintight clothing. What doesn’t ever seem to change is her cybernetic left arm without any synth-skin covering, an armored weapon holster back piece, and her defining facial tattoo which makes her lower face from just above her upper lip down to just above her chin and along most of her lower cheeks to appear to be a gaping, flat black maw ringed with inward curving fangs.


Murder By Numbers
Permanent Solution

The Cat

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