The Crew

The Crew of the good ship Albatross has worked out the kinks on a brief cargo run, and have set their eyes on a life of exploration, anti-piracy, and doing the dirty work of the people that they owe.

They are:

  • Nero: A somewhat surly elcor, with a knack for computers, mechanics, robotics, and heavy weapons. Ask him about his flamethrower.
  • Illyria: An asari with a predilection for head-butting, and a thorough enjoyment of pugilism.
  • Roger Teldine: A human colony worlder and intelligence operative taking extended leave from his old stomping grounds.
  • Milosz (Milo) Akabian: Wanderer, explorer, and speed junkie, Milo is out to see the things he hasn’t, possibly because he saw some things he shouldn’t.
  • Zoks Wiworm the Younger: Seemingly innocuous but poorly socialized avacado green salarian technician and spacer. He likes games.


  • Kassana: A drell martial artist in search of her place outside the old ways and honor debt of her people.
  • Ari’Adas vas Defrahnz: A somewhat eccentric Quarian mechanic seemingly past pilgrimage, who talks to her robots more than to people.
  • Lyalia: An asari who fell into a life as a syndicate killer after a brawl turned mass manslaughter. Misused by her syndicate, Quoth gave her an out through his syndicate.
  • Calea Ternifolia: A former sniper in the Turian Military who broke with tradition, she now wanders the edges of civilized space away from the confining rules of the Hierarchy.


(GM) The Farthest Star
(GM) Nothing Ever Dies
(GM) Metamorphosis

The Albatross:
(GM) Albatross
(GM) Kickstart My Heart

The Blazemaster:
(GM) Low Rider

(GM) Renegades
(GM) Heavy

(GM) The Right Stuff
(GM) Explore

(GM) Everyday is Exactly the Same
(GM) Nobody Praying for Me

(GM) The Little Things
(GM) Trojans

(GM) This New Divide
(GM) You Know My Name

(GM) The Pretender
(GM) M4 Part 2
(PC) Yuffie’s Theme

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The Crew

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