MASS EFFECT: Beyond the Walls

After the Battle of the Citadel, opportunity awaits in the shadows…

A small group of mercenaries, scouts, and adventurers seeks to set a course outside the stifling order of Council Space, looking for opportunity, excitement, and perhaps running from pasts better left forgotten.

Out on the fringe, chances exist to strike it rich, and live life the way they choose outside of the strongholds and fortresses of authority. This is their story . . . beyond the walls.

ME:BtW currently plays once every two weeks.

This campaign is set in the Mass Effect Universe as presented by the Mass Effect Video Games created by Bioware, with modifications to story and system for GM and player preferences.

Set in late 2183 / early 2184 to start, shortly after the Battle of the Citadel, near the end of the so-called Eden Prime War, the campaign will follow fringers, exiles and mercenaries who make their living outside the civilized heart of galactic society.

The campaign will use the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG System from Fantasy Flight Games as it’s core, with modest customization of races, careers, specializations, and gear to fit the needs and tropes of the Mass Effect setting.

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Mass Effect: Beyond the Walls

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