Bellarmine Astrata

Research Assistant to Dr. B'Asiri, and administrative assistant of the University Compound.




Recently arrived to Cardinia Colony, Bellarmine is a Human Research Assistant who gained admission to, and is studying at, the Xenobiology and Xenopology departments at the University of Thessia. With the multiple finds provided to the University through Doctor B’Asiri, the University assembled a field department to be moved to Etamis to assist Dr. B’Asiri with on-site work. While two other junior technical researchers assigned to Caelene B’Asiri technically outrank her, Bellarmine’s excellent grasp of organization, resource management, and task delegation has effectively put her into the role of Major Domo to Dr. B’Asiri, and the rest of the department’s staff follow her lead.

Bellarmine Astrata

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