Dulko Sintsar

A salarian with a decidedly odd enjoyment of taking things slow, Dulko is Cardinia Colony's mail runner.


Nearly 6’, Dulko is a tall, ganglier than normal, salarian with grey-green speckled skin who talks and walks at an almost glacial pace.

With a penchant for reading old sci-fi and frontier adventure stories, while lazing about smoking and drinking, Dulko breaks the salarian mold on pretty much every count. With the fastest ship (the Kysthreenie) docked at Cardinia, Dulko does the mail run to the Chandrasekhar Relay once a month so the colony can remain in some form of contact with galactic civilization.

Dulko also hires himself out for special data runs or small goods transport, though he prefers to go no farther than the fuel depot in Chandrasekhar, having only left the cluster twice in the 13 years he’s called Cardinia Colony home.


Dulko Sintsar

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