Molly Calligan


Molly.jpg One of Cardinia Colony’s explorer/scouts for hire, Mo, as the miners call her, knows the local area like the back of her hand, and is a competent mechanic on top of her survival skills.

Whether hired for heavy lifting, hauling, or scout and escort by an archaeological team, Molly tends to be upbeat about any situation, even when she’s cursing like a sailor.

The big key to Molly’s success is “George”, her salvaged and refit Alliance AMARC (Armored Mechanized Assault Recon Chassis), a bipedal piloted mech originally used more widely for infantry support by the Systems Alliance before advances acquired through trade with wider galactic society made individual soldiers’ armor more capable for long duration hostile environment reconnaissance.

Molly is aware of the benefit George brings to the table when negotiating prices for her services, but is often willing to give large discounts if rare off-world foods are offered as part of payment.


Senorita Bonita
Girl Like You

Molly Calligan

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