Green Steel Station

Spinning slowly and silently in the Oort Cloud of the unnamed Old Red system, the deep space station matches no known race’s construction profile, with a dumb-bell shaped central core rotating along it’s long axis, with five wedge shaped spokes attached near each end of the dumb-bell, extending out perpendicular from the axis of rotation.

The dark green-blue composite hull of the station appears to have weathered time remarkably well, showing no fractures or breaches, despite large areas of frost-like rime and micro impact pockmarks. Close range sensors also confirm that while not “warm” the station still maintains thermal signature well above the surrounding space, likely from internal heating. Additional scans suggest 2 or 3 heat sources likely to account for still functional power reactors.

Approaching the station, signals from a black box on the Albatross caused a docking gantry and extensible airlock system to come to life with green and purple lighting. Despite clearly ancient design and unknown racial profile, the broad clamp design, still strangely similar to most of the galaxy’s current systems was able to link to the Albatross without problem.

Inside, the greenish metal of the interior walls revealed wide, angular hallways, and while limited oxygen breathable atmosphere was present, coatings of green-blue ice coated many surfaces of the incredibly cold interior. Most lighting was pale greens, purples, or blues, and most came to life quickly when movement was sensed in an area of the station.

Occasional pieces of technological paraphernalia were found, as was a central computer core, with strange reclining couch-like seats, but no noticeable control interfaces. Nowhere during the short foray into the station were any bodies of any kind found. Overall, the sections that the crew passed through were deserted, and mostly empty.

The station suffered damage to the docking gantry upon the Albatross’ departure. And it also became clear that the station has a defense system, comprised of incredibly fast drone combat vessels hidden in chunks of ice, several with extraordinarily powerful and long range directed energy weapons.

Several of the defense drones were destroyed in the Albatross’ escape.

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Green Steel Station

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